4 Ways To Know If Your Date Is Just Playing With You

datingWant to know if your date is just playing with you or not? You are probably having doubt with your date and think that he or she is just messing up with you. There are ways that may help you understand and know, if your date is doing things to play around or seriously dating with you. Here are some ways that will help you know if your date is serious or just playing with your feelings.

  1. Calling you for a date in last priority – you will be able to know that when there is no official time and place that you are going to date, which your date usually ask you by calling and in the late night. Most people who does that is when they got broke with their first date and wanted to have fun at night, so they call you because you’re the last option they have. If the person is seriously looking for date or want to date you for real? is when they ask you the right time and place. They officially give you the information and not just calling you in the middle of the night to go out and have some fun.
  2. Don’t ask you out regularly – if you have been dating with a guy or girl who doesn’t really ask you out regularly? Or from time to time then he or she might be asking you out when bored. Sometimes they just want to have fun and if they don’t see any target, they come to you just to make fun. If you want to have a real date, then let the person come to you and ask if you are going to agree if he ask you to go out. If he or she gives right information, shows interest and serious with his or her words? Then there is no doubt that these person is providing the real emotion to you.
  3. dating_a_younger_manGiving you a nonsense conversation with sensual effect – when your date is just giving you a nonsense conversation that connects to sexual thing, then you are definitely dating a player because real or serious person who wants to know you, would likely talk about your interest or in which way do you match. There is no such thing as serious date when they talk about nonsense conversation, because when they are really interested to you then they will show their real intentions and be polite to you.
  4. Taking you a date, just to have fun – if you are going out with someone for a date, then make sure that you aren’t just going out to have fun and drink in bars. This simply means that your date just want to have a companion to have fun. If you wish to have a serious relationship in the future, then get a date with the right person and not just some people who just want to have fun.

When you see these signs that with your date then you are probably dating with a nonsense person, who just want to play games with you and doesn’t care or show no interest in serious relationship. Always remember that serious guys shows respect, care and want to take you to places, where both of you can talk, spend time to know each other and don’t just get his balls out. For serious girls, they don’t just flirt around, take you to places where she can play with your feelings and worst? Bully you around with his cool guy friends, so be cautious and know who you are dating with.

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